The Competition

The "Capture the Spirit of Ramadan" International Photography Competition™ is a unique and unprecedented 30-day visual celebration that will educate and enlighten thousands of viewers around the world as photos are shared every day during the holy month. The competition showcases the skills and imagination of talented photographers from around the world as they share their techniques and personal anecdotes about cultural and religious traditions during Ramadan.

Adopted as an annual social responsibility project by StudioBasel, the IRPC envisions a long-term sustainable competition that will help support both seasoned and budding photographers throughout the Muslim world by giving them international exposure and at the same time offering a new positive image about Islam. In its first year, the IRPC attracted over 25,000 photographers and photography fans worldwide with over 1000 unique photo entries from 40 countries. This year the amount of fans has nearly doubled and the amount of photo entries have tripled.

Ramadan is not only considered to be the most spiritual month in the Islamic calendar but is also a time for families and friends to reunite in peace, prayer and piety. Fasting from sunrise to sunset as a form of spiritual cleansing, self-discipline and empathy for the less fortunate, Muslims during Ramadan practice tolerance, forgiveness and perform good deeds. It is in this spirit that photographers are invited to share their best photography with the world.

Photographers are encouraged to photograph all things Ramadan: people in prayer, holy places, mosques, iftar and suhoor foods, family gatherings, and even inspiring natural beauty and landscapes taken during the month of Ramadan. Please click here for a list of FAQ's.